Guitar Lessons

Learn guitar by hiring a personal coach – I will determine your musical interests, assist you in setting objectives, and recommend publications and web info to achieve your musical goals.  I will assist you in self-assessment and mentor you, providing personalized practical applications and songs that inspire practice. For other information, see my rates.

• Adult education leverages the idea that students should guide their course of study – my role is to select course content to achieve your desired end result
• Leverage available info and my 40+ years of music experience – I will teach you what is available and how to use info
• We will make effective use of “face time” to establish and supplement your practice routine.

Student Requirements – express your true interests in music.  Practice old, learn new, & perform

Content – Must Have’s:
• Teach music, not just guitar
• Lessons are designed to have an end goal. “Don’t just catch me a fish, teach me to fish”
• You learn to become part of a music community, with ongoing consulting (networking) to help you achieve your “enrichment” goals

Content – optional:
• Transcribing service
• Recording service
• Performance options

Getting Started – key items

Student Assessment – knowledge of music, of guitar, interests

To-Do (my list) 
1. Student Assessment form
2. Review Jack Grassel’s instructional content and approach (top-notch Wisconsin instructor)
3. Identify on-line music course content for reference
4. Write-up outline of essential elements for beginning, intermediate, advanced, and selected topics.  Add references or write lesson(s) for each.  Example Topic: sweep picking – definition, other names, overview reference information: Frank Gambale, Sheets of Sound.  Write lessons for: concept, drills, outline basic chords, tie chords together, and applications.  Publish music book for student use and purchase.

Key Reference Content

Jamey Aebersold
• Chord synopsis, ear training
• Playalong CDs

• Masterclass 1, 2, 3
• Jazz Masterclass 1, 2
• Blues 101 licks, 20 tunes, the Blues Guitarist
• Rock 101 licks, 20 tunes
• Sor Studies (1, 2, & 3)
• Jazz Guitarists (Advanced Comping 1 & 2, 50 tunes)
• 101 Intros & phrases

Web-based (add links)
• Youtube
• Reference chord generator
• Sofege
• Music tab
• Musicfire (Guitar Player) lessons
• Don Mock’s associated site
• Vision Music

Publications – my reference library (1965 to present)

• Instructional (breakdown by stage)
o Mel Bay, books 1 through 7, Ronnie Lee Jazz guitar, Mickey Baker books 1 & 2
o Joe Pass guitar chords and methods, Chord Chemistry (Ted Green), Robert Conti (five books and all published arrangements)
o Carcassi Classical Guitar Method
o Intros/Endings, multiple books
o Songbooks
o Fakebooks on PDF
o Jazz fakebooks
o Country fakebook
o Rock/Pop and Beatles


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Guitar Lessons — 2 Comments

  1. I live in Memphis, TN, and I used to work with you at Kimberly-Clark. I was wondering whether you could come down 3X per week to give me guitar lessons. Please bring a guitar for me to play. I’ll want it to be a good one; you can just leave it down here. As a matter of fact, why don’t you just send me your best guitar down here by FedEx? I’ll get back in touch when it arrives. Yeah, that’s it. just send me your best guitar; better make it your best 3 guitars; I’ll want to have a choice.

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