Traveling Gear – small, light, neat, fast setup

I am working on new year’s resolutions today (one of which is updating the website after a somewhat long pause). Last year, in order to reduce the space needed to setup our band, Tom Powell built a music lecturn or ‘front’ that houses all our equipment. The design allows us the option to add separate instrument amplifiers as needed (guitar and bass. The arrangement makes for a very clean stage, see the picture above from “The Seasons”. Just outside the picture on the left is a single speaker, resting on a compact sub-woofer taking up about 2 sq ft. The sound has not been compromised in any way, this is the same gear but better organized! The total space required for the duo is about 18 sq ft. The design also reduces our equipment setup and tear down time; there are less trips to the car and less to hookup prior to playing.

OK, so the resolution is now for me to build a similar, if not exactly the same, setup for my gear. Typical for an engineer, I have over-complicated the assignment by designing my gear to use component tri-amplified speakers instead of self-contained units as Tom has. My intent to use my existing amplifier and speaker equipment, and to be able to ‘scale up’ when we play larger rooms. The design has adjustment for room acoustics, and the ability to use 19″ rack gear, which is nice. Honestly, it is very hard to improve on the JBL EON speaker and the unique sub-woofer Tom selected for his design. Stay tuned!

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