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The direction is “Jazz Funk R&B Band”….still figuring this out conceptually. What it means so far is each member of the band is contributing to the performance agenda and arrangements. I am optimistic about where this direction will take us.

(Actively accepting bookings)

The band and music is currently evolving. The active song list currently includes about a set of Steely Dan, a set of carefully selected Funk and R&B “gems”, and of course a long list of jazz standard instrumentals to draw upon. We are polishing up this focused song list with some nice harmonies and arrangements, sticking closely to the original performances in many cases. This band is a quartet with core members: Frank Nelsen (founding member), John Pfeiffer, and Jim “Faz”.

TrainWreck (The Band)TrainwreckLogo

Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there!

(Actively accepting bookings)

This band is a quartet or larger. The song list is best termed “Good Times” music and is always changing.   We play restaurants & bars, outdoor events, hayrides, and numerous benefits.  We have promoted and played multiple fund-raising events for the Menasha Fire Department and others, as well as being feature performers for multiple annual private parties.   Below is a little history how the band was formed.

Air Wisconsin needed a party band. There were a number of employees up for a party. Among them was Tom Powell, a major party instigator. Tom gathered up Rodney Hughes and Ron Schwartz, Thus the beginnings of Trainwreck. Once Ron had switched to upright bass (everyone had been playing guitar), John Pfeiffer was added as a replacement for Brian Sparks, a mechanic who was transferred to Milwaukee. Since that time, Train Wreck added Roger Teske when Rodney and Ron left town. The band plays only for great parties and fun bars. Noone has ever been injured…we have a grand time!

The Geriatric Gentlemen of Jazzfrench

(Formerly The Geriatric Jazz Group – to book this band, call Jim Weiland)

It is with deep regret that we acknowledge Norm Beckman’s passing. It was an honor for me to have played with Norm and in this band. I play with this band at every opportunity.

Jim Weiland is now managing bookings for the group. Honoring Norm, the band name has been changed. However, this group carries on the tradition for Jazz in the Fox Valley that has been a part of this area culture for years. This group, founded in 1968 and led by Norm “The King” Beckman had been a regular part of the nightlife on the Avenue since 1981, a twenty year history playing in downtown Appleton. The band played at Mongo’s, the Brooklyn’s Blue Note, The Peppermill, The Gibson Grill, the Menasha Grill, and Waverly Beech on the north shore of Lake Winnebago. Previously, this band was known as the “Winnebago Lakeflies”, founded in 1953. Members of this band were linked to the Green Bay Packer Band, as well as Les Paul, the original Ampeg brandname (first electrified upright bass), and multiple other national and territorial big bands of the era.

About the Band……

The Geriatric Gentleman of Jazz have been performing under this new name since 2009 and can be booked as solo piano up to a sextet and ‘whoever else shows. Members range from local Lawrence University college students to older than that! 100 years of collective musical experience on any given night. A regular house band at the Menasha Grill and several local restaurants, the “Gentleman” play various public and private gatherings as well as extensive work for non-profit organizations.

To book the band (or solo piano) – Call Jim Weiland at 920-233-0338 H, 920-450-4440 Cell


North Coast Jazz Project

Targeting bookings in Oshkosh and surrounding areas (will travel for special events)

The concept of North Coast Jazz Project was the idea of Dr. Mark Moore (drummer extrordinaire). Mark wanted to create an group, separate from the sounds of the Geriatric Jazz Group, that would explore jazz of the 60’s and 70’s – funk beats, bebop sounds, some Wes Montgomery, and fun songs from entirely different genres. The group continues to perform at special public and private events. Mark has since moved to Berlin so the lineup and venues are changing to incorporate local music educators as well as selected physicians with deviant musical talents and tendencies.  The normal line-up for this group is as a quartet of guitar, bass, drums, and trombone. The ???picture above??? is from one of our first gigs and features additional local artists from Green Bay on saxaphone and piano.

To Book the band – Call Mark Moore at 920-369-6864, or John at 915-9700

Or if you prefer E-Mail, mail John at: john@johnpfeiffer.com


Dsc01762Island Jazz Quartet

Ron Hull, the primary founder of this combo, has returned from Arizona and the band available once again as the Island Jazz players. The primary nucleus of the band is composed of John Pfeiffer on guitars, Ron Hull on keys, Tom Powell on trombone or guitar, and father/son duo of “Big Daddy” Ray Maas on bass and Joe Maas on drums. The band has performed at the Deja Vu (Appleton), St. James (Neenah), and a variety of out-of town engagements. Music is is a variety mix of dance and toe-tapping swing, jump blues, some latin numbers, and some ballads – most music ranging from the 1920 to 1960 and forward. The band adapts the songlist to the venue and audience as needed to insure everyone has as much fun as we do performing! The band has played the Neenah Jazz Festival, weddings, corporate events, and at local clubs. We were the backup band to Ed Franks and his Frank Sinatra Show. We also played with Ed at the Bay Mills Casino (near Sault St. Marie, Michigan).

To Book the band – Call John at 915-9700
Or if you prefer, E-Mail me at: jjohn@johnpfeiffer.com

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