John Pfeiffer – Guitarist

jp_quartet_2008_colorFor bookings, call 920-915-9700, or see me at the bandstand!

Live Jazz in the Wisconsin Fox Valley

John Pfeiffer has performed locally over 800 times (and glad to be still counting) in various bands since 1996. Many performances are in and around the Appleton area with regular appearances as a Duo or Trio at area restaurants and private parties. John has also played venues from Chicago to the UP, also jamming with musicians in California and Cincinnati. He continues to perform at public events and private parties, including: numerous wedding receptions, Appleton’s Art in the Park, The Appleton Arboretum, The Neenah Jazz Festival, The Ripon Jazz festival, Appleton’s Octoberfest, Bergstrom Automotive, Fox Valley Animal Referral Center, Fox Valley Home Remodeler’s Association, HRH of Appleton, BABES, and Hospice Rocks. John is also owner, engineer, and producer of JCP Recording Studio, now a studio for-hire.  Please see About Me for more information.

Tech Solution – 5 yrs with Joolma but Time to Move on

I got a notification a while back from Joomla, that my software was out of date. When I looked into updating, I found out my plugins were not longer available. Specifically, I was going to have to change my ecommerce plugin, used for selling CDs. I decided it would be easier to change my CRM system, I so I converted to WordPress.

So far, so good. Lots easier to manage. My brother in law has more experience working with WordPress, now the most used CRM system use for website development. If I get into trouble, I can call Cliff. He can help me with development when needed.

New web site goes live

web buildingOur new web site is up, running and ready to assist you!

If you have visited our old site, then we hope you will find the new site to be more informative, user-friendly and easier to get around. We have focused on providing a better user experience to you…customers. If you are here for the first time…welcome!

John Pfeiffer, LLC collaborated with the marketing/design team of to provide a more comprehensive source of company information and services. Now you can read the latest news, and check out our “web only” specials (and much more)

Be sure to “click around” and let us know what you think in the comments section or in our poll???.

Issues resolved:
Security concerns with the prior Joolma website were resolved by migrating to WordPress.

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Now offering guitar lessons

guitarlessonsI am now accepting guitar students for lessons to be held in my recording studio, please take a look at the content on instruction under Studio, by shortcut HERE

It has been many years since I have purposely looked for students.  I have an end purpose, however, which is to document my musical journey and in doing so, hope that others will benefit from my knowledge. Generally, there is no substitute for practice and no shortcuts to learning. However, proper focus may get you where you want to go with less unneeded steps.

Technical Solutions – Part Two

MotherboardA month ago I decided I was going to resolve the technical problems I was having on my website.  The fundamental problem was that my calendar function had stopped working; a secondary problem was my songlist would no longer display.  Both of these problems are traceable to changes made in SQL accessing by my previous Host provider.  Additionally, I began having problems with Host provider service so I had decided to change providers as well.  For the future, I wanted to be able to add enhancements myself, without the need for specialized web support.  I can now say this problem is solved, let me know if you think I am right.

I somewhat naively launched into selecting an open source content management system (CMS) as opposed to higher level open source “web development” software.  I did a needs analysis and feature weighted compare on available products and selected one that demonstrated:

  1. Short “learn to publish” time.  My target was something I could start-up in a week because I didn’t want to become a programmer.
  2. A CMS that offered tools that I would need for a music site.  Must haves were: ease of adding and editing content (I had been using an HTML editor for changes and all formating), mp3 players, download purchase functions, and on-line purchasing via Paypal.  Nice to haves were: picture display and management, social network linkages, and video display.  I preferred to leverage Flickr and YouTube for picture and video; the idea was to one-source reference info from these sites.

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Social Networking

Social Network pinned on noticeboardThere are quite a few social networking tools available now for sharing information with others. Each tool has unique features for publishing and notifications to others. Facebook is one that is widely used. I recently created a facebook page, you can use the link at right to access it. The plan is to post my gigs as events in Facebook. From Facebook, each user can choose what to be notified about (and how to be notified). My goal is to provide notifications of gigs on the day of the event for those who may want ideas for a night out. This feature may limited to facebook members, when I figure it out I will provide an update. For those who prefer no notifications, my performance schedule is posted below and also now on FacebookThe Appleton Hub, and (a new local Entertainment listing site).

BABES Fund-Raiser at the UW Fox Valley Auditorium

The December 13th fundraising concert for B.A.B.E.S., Inc. a local non-profit child abuse prevention agency, Jazz up your Holiday Season, was a big success. The “John Pfeiffer Jazz Quartet” performed at at the New UW Fox Valley Auditorium in Menasha. The auditorium is awesome and sounds great. The band featured Roger Teske on Bass, Jim Faz on an acoustic grand piano, and James Lefevre on drums. We played a mix of Christmas songs and jazz favorites with a latin influence. Please help by giving back and support B.A.B.E.S., Inc. a child abuse prevention

Traveling Gear – small, light, neat, fast setup

I am working on new year’s resolutions today (one of which is updating the website after a somewhat long pause). Last year, in order to reduce the space needed to setup our band, Tom Powell built a music lecturn or ‘front’ that houses all our equipment. The design allows us the option to add separate instrument amplifiers as needed (guitar and bass. The arrangement makes for a very clean stage, see the picture above from “The Seasons”. Just outside the picture on the left is a single speaker, resting on a compact sub-woofer taking up about 2 sq ft. The sound has not been compromised in any way, this is the same gear but better organized! The total space required for the duo is about 18 sq ft. The design also reduces our equipment setup and tear down time; there are less trips to the car and less to hookup prior to playing.

OK, so the resolution is now for me to build a similar, if not exactly the same, setup for my gear. Typical for an engineer, I have over-complicated the assignment by designing my gear to use component tri-amplified speakers instead of self-contained units as Tom has. My intent to use my existing amplifier and speaker equipment, and to be able to ‘scale up’ when we play larger rooms. The design has adjustment for room acoustics, and the ability to use 19″ rack gear, which is nice. Honestly, it is very hard to improve on the JBL EON speaker and the unique sub-woofer Tom selected for his design. Stay tuned!